Lean Manufacturing

Takt vs. Cycle vs. Lead Time: Understanding the Key Differences

Takt time, cycle time, and lead time are important concepts in manufacturing that help measure and manage production processes. Takt time is used to synchronize production processes with customer demand, cycle time measures the time taken to complete a single process, and lead time measures and manages the time taken to complete a process, including waiting time.

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Process Excellence

Case study on improving productivity by reducing operation costs using Six Sigma as a process improvement methodology

Company: XYZ Manufacturing Industry: Manufacturing of consumer goods Problem: XYZ Manufacturing was facing a significant increase in operation costs, impacting the company’s overall productivity. The management team identified that reducing operating costs was critical to improving overall productivity and maintaining a competitive edge in the market. Solution: The management team implemented Six Sigma as a process improvement methodology to reduce operation costs. Six Sigma is a data-driven approach that uses statistical methods to identify and…

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